6th September 2021


ILC Therapeutics announces successful completion of £3.5m funding round 


ILC Therapeutics, a UK-based biotechnology company and pioneer in the discovery and development of a ground-breaking new class of interferon drugs, announces the successful completion of a £3.5m pre- IPO funding round.


Investors include Los Angeles-based lawyer and investor, Robert Kopple; St Andrews-based Eos Angel Investment Syndicate; Scottish Enterprise; ILCT management. 


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13th May 2021


ILC Therapeutics announces board changes and funding round to accelerate Covid-19 drug 


ILC Therapeutics, a UK-based biotechnology company and pioneer in the discovery and development of a new class of interferon drugs, announces the strengthening of its Board and Management as well as a pre-IPO funding round to advance its lead novel hybrid interferon drug candidate Alfacyte™.


The appointments announced are Peter Bains as Non-Executive Chairman, Richard Morgan as a Non-Executive Director and Allan Watson as Chief Financial Officer.


Dr Magnus Nicholson, Chairman of ILC Therapeutics, will become senior adviser and non-executive director on the board. 


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2nd March 2021


Inventor of synthetic Interferon discusses potential against COVID-19


An interview with Founder & Chief Scientific Officer William Stimson in Drug Discovery World.


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28th January 2021


UK Covid-19 drug developer welcomes NHS treatment priority


ILC Therapeutics has welcomed NHS plans to make Covid-19 treatments available to patients as soon as possible.


The CEO of NHS England, Sir Simon Stevens, recently highlighted the importance of therapeutic treatments to help the UK return to a more normal way of life, predicting that many of these treatments will be available to Covid-19 patients in 6 – 18 months. 


ILC Therapeutics is currently developing a synthetic Interferon which has shown great promise against Covid-19 in laboratory testing and will enter clinical trials later this year.  It will be the first synthetic Interferon based on the most prominent activities of the natural Interferons.  Laboratory testing last year showed that Alfacyte™ is at least 20 times more effective than any other therapeutic Interferon in the market. 


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1st December 2020


LC Therapeutics announces significant investment from Medical Incubator Japan


ILC Therapeutics has secured substantial funding from its first international investor, Medical Incubator Japan (MIJ). The venture capital company targets early-stage life sciences companies, whether drug discovery, digital health or medical devices, both in Japan and abroad.


ILC Therapeutics is the organisation’s first European investment, and the company was particularly attracted to the innovation and world-class science burgeoning within the UK life sciences space at present. Japan is the third largest healthcare market in the world, and this partnership will enable ILC Therapeutics to access and establish itself within this market going forward.


This investment comes at a time when ILC Therapeutics is receiving growing recognition as a key player in modulating the Innate Immune System, and demonstrates the increasing interest within this field worldwide.

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6th October


ILC Therapeutics announces 'significant' COVID-19 drug breakthrough 


ILC Therapeutics has confirmed that its unique synthetic Interferon called Alfacyte™ is fifteen to twenty times more effective at preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) in cell culture than other commercially-available Interferons such as Interferon alpha 2 and Interferon beta 1a.


COVID-19 tries to slow down the body’s innate Interferon response to viral infection and Alfacyte™ is designed to help accelerate this response and prevent disease progression. Independent research at the University of St Andrews led by Dr Catherine Adamson, a specialist in viral diseases, demonstrated the superior effectiveness of Alfacyte™ in vitro against SARS-CoV-2.


Alfacyte™ is a synthetic molecule based on the human Alpha Interferons and was invented by Professor William Stimson, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at ILC Therapeutics. ILC Therapeutics is in the process of conducting further testing of Alfacyte™ and hopes to proceed to clinical trials by next year.


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22nd June 2020


ILC Therapeutics announces partnership with University of St Andrews to combat COVID-19


ILC Therapeutics has struck a research partnership with the University of St Andrews in a bid to progress a therapeutic drug which can treat COVID-19 towards clinical trials.


ILC Therapeutics is working with the university’s Dr Catherine Adamson from the School of Biology, specifically looking at the role that its drug Alfacyte™ can play in preventing COVID-19-induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). By avoiding the onset of ARDS, this could reduce the need for many patients to be on a ventilator and could potentially limit both short and long-term damage to patients’ lungs.


Alfacyte™ is a drug based on a new Interferon Alpha subtype, Interferon Alpha 14, which is the most potent antiviral interferon in existence and requires very small doses for treatment. While Interferon Alpha 2 has been used globally for treatment of certain COVID-19 patients, ILC Therapeutics believes that Interferon Alpha 14 could be much more effective in the prevention of ARDS.


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11th May 2020


Why research on ticks could offer potential COVID-19 breakthrough


ILC Therapeutics is working alongside the University of Oxford to examine the use of Evasins – molecules derived from ticks – as a potential COVID-19 treatment option for patients whose lungs are badly damaged by the virus and face a critical juncture in recovery.


The research being carried out by ILC Therapeutics and University of Oxford indicates that Evasins could have the potential to prevent the progression of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, by acting as a ‘fire extinguisher’ to put out the Cytokine Storms that attack the lungs.


Cytokine storms are the result of the body’s innate immune system going into overdrive and over-producing dangerous chemical messengers called cytokines and chemokines.


Early research shows Evasins could rescue the patient from the Cytokine Storm in the body once it is already in progress by ‘absorbing’ chemokine messengers which cause lung inflammation, making it a treatment option and resulting in a much higher chance of survival and recovery.


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4th April 2020


UK biotech company announces discovery of novel potential Covid-19 treatments


ILC Therapeutics has announced the discovery of two separate novel treatments for Covid-19 patients before they are put on ventilators.  


ILC Therapeutics has patented a new Interferon-Alpha subtype, called Interferon Alpha 14, which can be administered to patients through injection or inhalation. This natural human molecule treatment could prevent Covid-19 induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which would mean that a considerable number of patients may no longer need to be on a ventilator.


In addition to its interferon project, ILC Therapeutics is working with Professor Shoumo Bhattacharya at the University of Oxford to develop therapeutic Evasins, which are molecules derived from ticks that can extinguish a Cytokine Storm in the body once it has already advanced – much like using a fire extinguisher on a flash flame. This would give Covid-19 patients who have already developed ARDS a much higher chance of survival and recovery. 


They are now urgently seeking funding of £4m to accelerate safety studies and clinical trials. 


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