Typical development cycle of a drug asset

Development cycle

ILC Therapeutics’ initial drug asset is our second-generation hybrid interferon Alfacyte™, which has broad-spectrum antiviral activities, activating a number of antiviral ISGs (interferon-stimulated genes).

Alfacyte™ has been in development for the past five years and has now progressed to pre-clinical and in vivo assessment.

Completion of this stage will allow ILC to progress to clinical trials.

Drug asset life cycle

For each therapeutic application, ILC Therapeutics will progress through a well-established “drug discovery life cycle” as outlined on the left.

As an asset moves successfully along this life cycle, its value increases in a series of value inflection points.

Critical data

In vitro data for our breakthrough second-generation interferon therapy, Alfacyte™, shows a profile of unmatched antiviral potency.

Alfacyte™ is a novel patented hybrid interferon-alpha with 11 significant amino acid changes in its receptor-binding regions, designed to maximise therapeutic impact.

In vitro tests carried out at the University of St Andrews and our laboratories at BioCity show that Alfacyte™ has 20 times greater antiviral activity than alpha 2a/b or beta interferons.

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