A potential game changer

ILC Hybrid Interferons

ILC is pioneering a new class of interferon medicines called Hybrid Interferons (HyIFN’s).

Interferons are central signalling modulators of the immune system and are designed by combining desired features of natural alpha interferon subtypes into novel HyIFN molecules. Hybrid Interferons deliver enhanced efficacy and improved safety compared to natural IFN subtypes.

The role of Alfacyte

Transformational potential in the global fight against COVID

Our lead candidate, Alfacyte™, is being developed to combat respiratory viral infections, which pose a major and growing global healthcare threat, including COVID and beyond.

With enhanced efficacy and improved safety, Alfacyte is poised to enter investigational new drug enabling toxicology.

Effective treatments

True platform potential

ILC Hybrid technology provides the opportunity to design multiple novel HyIFN’s across different therapeutic areas, generating multiple drug candidates. 

This breadth of platform opportunity will enable both in-house pipeline development and multiple third-party collaborations.

Global experience

Dynamic team and clear business model

ILC’s executive team and board are globally experienced and have a proven track record of success. Based in BioCity, outside Glasgow, Scotland, and with outreach in London, the company boasts strong academic links with St Andrews, Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Oxford Universities. Business Model: take assets through phase 2 clinical trials then outlicense/sell.

Portfolio of patents

Robust intellectual property

All IP is owned 100% by the company, which possesses a patent portfolio of nine families and growing. These cover composition of matter, DNA sequences, use and geographical locations. Our assets also include Freedom to Operate reports – antiviral and dermatology cleared – others ongoing.

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